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Relationships Make the Difference

Sovereign Global Solutions excels in promoting your issue to the most critical audiences. With decades of experience inside and out of public service, we understand that government relations, domestically and internationally, depend upon strategic relationships. SGS has senior executive experience throughout The White House, the Executive Branch and Federal agencies in addition to significant relationships with decision makers and office holders in Europe, Latin America and Africa.

Our bi-partisan relationships with Members of Congress, federal policy makers, international legislators and elected officials, as well as state and local government leaders make it possible to gather intelligence, educate, and advocate on behalf of our clients.

Our areas of expertise include religious freedom, human rights, family policy, education, foreign policy, national security, healthcare, and faith-based initiatives.

We research, study, and evaluate our client’s issue while closely following the work of policy makers. SGS receives first-hand insights into on-going and upcoming legislation to provide analysis and develop up-to-the-minute strategies. SGS forecasts probable legislative actions so we can steer the client’s initiative accordingly.

When it comes to advocacy campaigns, there is strength in a coalition of partners who are all advocating for the same policy. The SGS team has years of experience in building up and working with coalitions. We assess your issue and bring together like-minded, and sometimes unlikely, partners – to make your issue difficult to ignore. A coalition of partners can be critical to your issue’s success.

A critical part of our multifaceted government affairs strategy is a customized public information campaign designed to educate and motivate policy leaders and the public to weigh in on the issue. Our
campaigns include conducting research, developing the strategy, crafting key messages and organizing strategic partners to amplify the client’s message.

Our campaigns present our client’s issue to audiences that matter most. Through the framework of coalitions, local media and grassroots partners, we amplify the message and execute the goals of the campaign. When constituent voices weigh in, real change is possible.


“We would not have been able to deliver
multiple 5-star initiatives involving
international leaders and national
religious leaders without the professional
creativity and drive-to-the-finish-line that
Jacqueline and her team delivered.”

- Jon L Sharpe, DMin

CEO, Bridgepoint Forum
Former Chief Relations Officer Museum of the Bible