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Interview with Jacqueline Halbig von Schleppenbach

CEO and Founder of Sovereign Global Solutions, Jacqueline Halbig von Schleppenbach served as a consultant on the creation of the Geneva Consensus Declaration (GCD) and played a key role in recruiting member state signees. In an interview with Political Network for Values, Jacqueline explains the significance of the GCD for countries wishing to protect their sovereignty and ideological freedom.

The Geneva Consensus Declaration is a profoundly important agreement between 34 countries that have pledged to protect sovereignty, human rights, and women’s health against powerful nations seeking to declare abortion an international right. Former US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo states that “the declaration protects women’s health, defends the unborn, and reiterates the vital importance of the family as the foundation of society.”

Though the United States has since withdrawn their signature under President Biden, the GCD is still a powerful historic agreement. Let us not forget how the GCD represents progress for many developing countries hoping to protect their own sovereignty and defend life at all stages.