During my tenure as Ambassador of Hungary to the United States between 2017 and 2020 I worked with Sovereign Global Solutions several times. Jaqueline’s relentless pursuit of perfection, her incredible network and her thorough knowledge of Washington D.C. helped us to create a great impact with our Making Families Great Again pro-family event at the Library of Congress and afterwards. She also helped us preparing events with senior political leaders, interests groups and civil organizations. I can only recommend her at the highest level.
Dr. Szabó László
President and CEO of Mediaworks Hungary
Former Ambassador to the United States from Hungary
Jacqueline’s policy expertise and knowledge of Washington, along with her diligence and dedication, were exceedingly beneficial to us.   She provided program and business development in a way that was fine tuned to the needs of our institution. These included writing and guiding a grant application process and then ongoing implementation services for a major health information technology project which resulted in Ponce School of Medicine and Health Sciences (PSMHS) obtaining an extremely important grant for healthcare in Puerto Rico. She also provided strategic partnership services for PSMHS yielding a partnership which continues to be ongoing and fruitful.

PSMHS engaged Jacqueline to assist with some of our major programmatic and growth initiatives. She is able to adapt and work well with other cultures; is flexible and supportive in keeping our efforts focused. It has been great to work with her.
Dr. Olga Rodriguez de Arzola
Dean, Ponce School of Medicine and Health Sciences
Ponce, Puerto Rico
Sovereign Global Solutions provides JAG Consulting with high caliber, strategic business development expertise that has expanded our company's brand and reach both regionally and nationally. Jacqueline's customized approach to our company's mission and goals has been invaluable.
Jennifer Gutierrez
JAG Consulting, LLC
Lincoln, Nebraska
We have been very pleased to engage SGS.  Jacqueline is a complete professional, known for hard work, commitment and integrity.  She is a consummate team player who is respected and well received in the highest offices in the American government.
Steve Richards
Richard Richards Foundation
We hired Jacqueline to design and execute a grassroots education program in a short time frame.  Jacqueline’s diplomacy, organization and hard work enabled her to create strategic partnerships to make the program a success.
Ann Corkery
The Catholic Association
I had the pleasure and good fortune to meet and eventually work with  Jacqueline over 7 years ago. With her collaboration and creativity, we designed a strategic partnership which resulted in developing a program that would enable pre-med Puerto Rican students to enroll  at our medical school in the Caribbean. Five years ago, these students represented 5% of the class. Now they represent 78%. Without the vision and support of Jacqueline, this would not have been the case. I look forward to our next project.
Maxine Paul
Director of Marketing
St. Kitts Medical School